Yohara Treasure Chest

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Yohara Treasure Chest
Amount Item Description
1x Hard Leather
1x Forged Steel Sheet
1x Jewellery Steel Sheet
1x Troll Horn
1x Will Topaz
1x Passage Ticket
1x 9th Path Book Chest
1x Small Orison
1x Book of Precision
1x INT Will Talisman +0
1x VIT Will Talisman +0
1x RES Will Talisman +0
1x STR Will Talisman +0
1x Garnet Bracelet +0
1x Garnet Necklace +0
1x Garnet Earrings +0
1x Ruby Necklace +0
1x Ruby Bracelet +0
1x Sapphire Necklace +0
1x Sapphire Earrings +0
1x Sapphire Bracelet +0
1x Emerald Necklace +0
1x Emerald Bracelet +0
1x Tourmaline Necklace +0
1x Tourmaline Bracelet +0
1x Fog Jadite Bracelet +0
1x Fog Jadite Necklace +0
1x Fog Jadite Earrings +0