Ship Defence

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  • The run is accessible from level 90+
  • At least 2 players are required to enter.
  • Each member also needs 1x Passage Ticket (Ice)
  • The group leader can start the run by talking to Fisherman in Cape Dragon Fire.

The Passage Ticket (Ice) can be crafted at the Fisherman in Cape Dragon Fire for 2x Passage Ticket, 1x Chunk of Ice, 100x Enchant Item

Time Limit: 25 minutes

Cooldown: 2 hours

The battle begins

The battle will begin when the group leader has interacted with . All party members must be present in order to start.

From here on, you have 10 seconds to prepare yourselves before the ship sails. After that, you have access to the deck of the ship and the first monsters will arrive.

  • First wave

Hold on for 120 seconds. Monsters will keep spawning and attack the Mast. Kill the monsters to prevent damage to the Mast.

When the time has elapsed, there will be a 10 second pause before the second wave.

  • Second wave

To complete the second wave, you must kill Hydra, who is appearing in a hole just beneath the higher deck.

During this wave, there is a movement speed debuff active.

  • Third wave

This wave is identical to the second wave, only there will be an attack speed debuff of 30%.

  • Fourth wave

This is a more complicated wave. You still need to kill Hydra to complete it, but more monsters are appearing that deal high damage to the Mast.

Also when Hydra reached 50% of its HP, there will be a debuff for 25 seconds that will remove all supporting effects.

Once the debuff is over, it will repeat 10 seconds later until Hydra has been killed.

Once you killed Hydra, you can claim your reward by destroying the Treasure Chest.


  • A Portal will appear that can bring you to the new continent Harbour. You have 5 minutes to use the Portal, otherwise you will be teleported out.
  • To leave, you can press 'give up' or talk with Ship's Wheel and press 'cancel voyage'.
  • Completing this dungeon is necessary once for making it to Champion Level 1 (You must be Level 120 to be able to advance to Champion Level 1).

Boss Loot

Each Chest can be opened up to 3 times.

Amount Item Description
8x - 10x Hydra's Chest
1x Red Ghost Tree Branch
1x Leaders' Notes
10x Enchant Item
1x Lightgreen Ebony Box
1x Blue Ebony Box
1x Crimson Ebony Box
10x Gango Root
10x Lilac
10x Tue Fungus
10x Alpine Rose
10x Mulberry
10x Salmon Sushi
10x Catfish Sushi
200x Glimmerstone
100x Glimmerstone
50x Glimmerstone