Serpent Temple

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You can enter this run from the Serpent Temple (Base Floor). All group members must have champion level 1 or higher and have the repeatable quest Important Preparations completed.

The Dungeon has no cooldown but can be completed up to 5 times per day. You have 60 Minutes to complete the Dungeon.

Sung Mahis Will (Curse)

Floor Sung Mahis Will (Curse)




2 35 25 35 40
3 38 28 38 43
4 41 31 41 46
5 44 34 44 49
6 47 37 47 52
7 50 47 50 55

1st Floor

Upon entering, the groupleader can start the run by talking to the Portal.

2nd Floor

Four Group of Monsters will spawn one after another.

Attention: The elements of the four groups reveal the order of the 4 Elemental Snake Metins on the 3rd floor!

3rd Floor

Destroy the Elemental Snake Metins in the correct order. If you do not destroy it in the correct order, all Snake Metins will respawn.

4th Floor

Kill all Time Serpent Metins and all monsters.

Attention: The order in which the Time Serpent Metins spawn, reveal the correct order in which you have to unlock the Serpent Pillars on the 5th floor!

5th Floor

Kill monsters and collect the Serpent Keys and drag it to the Serpent Pillar. You must unlock the Pillars in the correct order.

6th Floor

Kill monsters and collect the Prison Keys then drag the Prison Keys onto the four Imprisoned Blacksmiths to free him. As a gift he will grant you a free upgrade for your Power & Serpent Gloves. The refinement takes no materials and works like a Blessing Scroll. Talk to the Serpent Temple Blacksmith to proceed to the final floor.

Note: The Serpent Temple Blacksmith can upgrade your Gloves once every 24 hours per Character.

7th Floor

Kill monsters and collect the Fire Serpent Head, Ice Serpent Head, Wind Serpent Head, Earth Serpent Head. Drag them onto their respective statues to summon Serpent Queen Nethis.

Boss Fight

Serpent Queen Nethis will give you a debuff which grants you -20 Sung Ma's Will (STR) & -20 Sung Ma's Will (RES).

Upon defeating her you have 20 seconds to collect the loot before getting teleported out.

Boss Loot

Amount Item Description
16x - 20x Serpent Treasure
1x Regular Chaos Stone (Aura)
1x Aura Fire Rune (100)
1x Aura Fire Rune (250)
1x Holy Powershard