Nemere's Watchtower (TR)

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The Entrance to this Dungeon can be found in the Plateau of Illusions.

The Nemere's Watchtower is a dungeon consisting of 10 floors.

It is similar to the Demon Tower: for each floor you have to perform a task to go to the next floor.

Requirements to Enter:

  • at least level 110
  • at least 2 Members - IMPORTANT: You need a Dragon Force Shaman and a Ninja to complete this Dungeon!
  • each Member must have 1x Pocket Watch

Duration: 1 hour

Cooldown: 2 hours

First floor

Defeat all enemies!

After activating the run on the Ice Lion, kill all monsters to proceed to next floor.

Second floor

Some frost monsters carry Frost Keys (TR). Take the keys from them and find the right one! Only Shamans, however, can use the key.

Kill mobs until you drop the real Frost Key (TR). Only Shamans can use the Key to proceed to next floor.

Third floor

Defeat all enemies!

Kill all monsters in this floor to proceed.

Fourth floor

Defeat all enemies! Blessing will help you to deal damage.

Kill the 2 waves of monsters to proceed. Take note that Blessing has to be activated.

Fifth floor

Open the seals on the Arctic Cube (TR) in the correct order to get to the next floor.

Kill monsters that will drop North Stars (TR), use them to open the 5 Artic Cubes (TR).

The Cubes have to be opened in the correct order.

Sixth floor

Defeat all of the frost monsters and then destroy the Metin of Cold. Only Shamans can damage it.

Seventh floor

Find and defeat Szel (TR), the Lord of Ice and Cold. Only those who fight with the Dragon's Aid will be victorious.

Find and kill the correct Szel (TR). Take note that Dragon's Aid has to be activated.

Eighth floor

Defeat all of the frost monsters and find the Frostflower Key (TR). Only Ninjas can drop it.

Kill monsters until you drop the Frostflower Key (TR). Only Ninjas can use the key to proceed to next floor.

Ninth floor

Destroy the North Dragon Pillar (TR). Only Shamans and Ninjas can damage it.

Once the Pillar is destroyed, you can click on the Ice Lion to proceed to the next floor.

Tenth floor (Final floor)

Defeat Nemere (TR).

Boss Loot

Each Chest can be opened up to 3 times.

Amount Item Description
8x - 10x Nemere's Chest
1x Nemere's Egg
1x Gaya Market Expansion
1x Aura Fire Rune (10)
1x Aura Fire Rune (50)
5x Leaves of Life