Meley's Lair (Guild)

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  • Only guilds can access this Dungeon
  • The guild must be 24hours old to be able to register
  • A maximum of 16 members and a minimum of 4 players of the guild above level 90 can enter the run.
  • The members that join the run must have the combatant check in guild
  • Registering and accessing can be done at Dragon Watcher Dolnarr in Fireland

Cooldown: 2 hours

Time Limit: 1 hour

Stage 1

As a first goal, players will have to inflict damage to statues in the room until they reach 75% of their HP.

The group will be blocked by the spawn of numerous mobs throughout the duration of this phase.

When a statue loses 25% of HP, it changes colour and can no longer be damaged.

When all the statues change colour, Stage 2 will start.

During this transition the mobs in the room will disappear and you will not be able to interact with the Statues.

Stage 2

At this stage, you will have to hit the statues again, until they reach 50% of their HP.

This time, the group of players will be blocked by the spawn of a larger number of mobs and,

moreover, by the appearance of four Dragon Eggs with a specific function: Eggs guarantee immunity to damage to the Statues.

Therefore, HP of the statues can only be reduced when no eggs are present.

Once the HP of the Statues reach 50%, they once again will become indestructible.

When all the Statues change colour again, you will go to Stage 3.

Stage 3

At this stage you will still need to hit Statues until they reach 0% HP. The same Eggs of the previous phase will appear, an even bigger

number of mobs and four Dragon Watcher Idall. These mobs must be eliminated before the end of this phase, otherwise it will not be possible

to end the run. As on the previous stage, if there are Eggs in the room, Statues can not be damaged.

When Statues reach 0% HP, they will become blue. At this point you will have to destroy the Statues by dragging a

Dragonfire Ring onto them, dropped by dungeon monsters. Each player can destroy only one Statue.

Once you drag the Ring, the Statue becomes green: the third stage will end when all the statues change color.

It is only possible to use the Ring when all Statues have 0% HP. You only have 10 seconds to put the Ring on the statue, otherwise you have

to wait for them to respawn to try again.

Stage 4 (Final Stage)

As each stage ends, the Statues will attack Meley: the third phase will end the statues will inflict the last blow and Meley will flee.

Players will now be able to receive their reward by interacting with the NPC .

You can choose between these chests:

  • Queen Meley's Chest
  • Dragon Watcher Chest