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Azyrah In-Game rules

1. Selling/Buying/Trying: It's not allowed to sell or buy and/or trading of virtual goods for real money ($, £, €, Paysafe, PayPal, Bitcoins etc.), Items on other servers/games. Also, it's not allowed to sell an account for yang. 1.1. Engaging in any form of gambling, including giveaways with the intention of collecting money from players or scamming them, is strictly prohibited.

2. Offensive Language & Toxic Behavior: Offensive language, spreading lies, hate, riot and racism or verbal abuse is forbidden and will be punished - depending on the case. 2.1. It’s forbidden to follow a player across the channel to kill him. (PvP it’s still allowed as long as following this rule, also this rule does not apply at bosses spawn location) 2.2. All reported scam prices shops’ will be bannable per IP (the duration of the ban: 1d – permanent depending on the case) 2.3. PvP in events that implies a large amount of players gathered in the same place (Jigsaw, fishing event for example) it's not allowed unless it's strictly related to PvP or STAFF allows it.

3. Private/Real-life information: Defamation or leaking private/real-life information of Team Members or players is strictly forbidden.

4. Bugs & System Circumvention: An encountered bug must be reported immediately by creating a ticket/post it on the bug-report channel (Discord) / writing a private message to a staff member. Any type of bug use/abuse which affects the flow of the game will be punished. Any kind of circumvention of a system to gain an advantage will be punished. 4.1. Multi-Farm Block: The use of virtual machines or second PCs to bypass the multi-farm block is not allowed.

5. Third-Party Applications: Third-Party Applications (Hacks, Bots, Illegal Software) are programs or files that aren't part of our server. Taking advantage or using such things will be punished; Any type of macro is also forbidden. All players should play Azyrah as it is (there were made improvements about certain features like multiple Cor Draconis opening, therefore using any type of autoclicker/macro will get you banned too).

6. Third Party Advertising: Advertising other servers/services is not allowed in any way and will be punished.

7. Account Security: Everyone should be responsible for his accounts and in-game items. This is why the team members can't guarantee to help in any way if a user loses something because he trusted his partner/friend.

8. User Report: If you want to report a User with the help of a screenshot or video, the Servername needs to be visible all the time, otherwise, we are not able to use it as evidence.

9. Instruction of Staff Members: The instructions of the Staff Members must be followed. Disobeying a Staff member instructions might get you punished. In addition, each Staff Member and player must be treated with respect.

10. Promotion Partners: It is forbidden to negatively influence a Promotion partner's livestream and prevent the streamer from actively promoting the server. This rule does not mean that promotion partners have complete freedom and kill protection. This rule only applies if it can be proven that the player follows the streamer in his stream and prevents him from actively promoting. 10.1. To organize a giveaway on Azyrah, the following conditions must be met: -The giveaway must be announced to [PM]Sinner; -There must be a minimum of 10 participants; -The requirements for participation (e.g. subscribing, liking, or commenting) must not involve any payment in yang or items; -A site that randomly selects winners must be used for the selection process.

11. Inappropriate User Names: Inappropriate Nick Names, Mount & Pet Names, Shop Names and Guild Names are not allowed!

12. Vpn/proxy usage: The usage of a VPN/proxy to get an advantage over other players is not allowed! 13. Defamation of Azyrah It is against the rules to denigrate, defame, reproduce false information, propagate hate or incite hatred against staff members or the server itself on any platform, whether internal or external to Azyrah.

14. Change reservation: The team reserves the right to change or expand the rules without publicly announcing it.