Dragon's Temple (RX)

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The Entrance to this Dungeon can be found in the Plateau of Illusions. To enter this Dungeon you'll need to:

  • be at least Level 110
  • be in a group of at least 2 Members
  • each Member needs 1x Redux Tome

Duration: 1 hour

Cooldown: 2 hour

Boss Room

When entering the Room there will be a total of 8 Metin stones that have to be destroyed.

Afterwards every 2 minutes, 4 Metin stones will respawn. As long as at least 1 Metin stone is standing, no damage can be done to the dragon.

Every Metin Stone has an additional buff that works to Beran-Setaou:

  • Metin of Arrogance is increasing its HP regeneration.
  • Metin of Mountain is increasing its defence.
  • Metin of Solitude is increasing its HP restoration.
  • Metin of Vengeance is increasing its damage.

It is therefore necessary to destroy these Metin Stones quickly to prevent Beran-Setaou from healing its HP.


It's important to note that Beran Setaou's elemental defence can only be broken, if you have at least +120% elemental Power.

Boss Loot

Each Chest can be opened up to 2 times.

Amount Item Description
3x - 5x Beran-Setaou's Chest (RX)
2x - 4x Redux Chest
1x Young Pet Book
1x Wild Pet Book
1x Valiant Pet Book
1x Pet Book Chest
1x Blue Dragon Egg
1x Researchers Elixir
3x Dragon Scales
3x Dragon Claw
2x Blood Stone
1x Fear Mask +5
1x Orc Hood +5
1x Cardinal's Hat +5
1x Horned Helmet +5
1x Godsend Helmet +5
1x Euphoria Shoes +4
1x Glory Boots +4
1x Qilin Shoes +4
1x Kingfisher Shoes +4
1x Aura Fire Rune (10)
1x Aura Fire Rune (50)
5x Leafes of Life
1x Chunk of Ice
1x Regular Chaos Stone
1x Rainbow Powershard
1x Lucent Yellow Powershard
1x Time Spiral (30%)