Dragon's Temple

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To enter this Dungeon you'll need to:

  • be at least Level 75
  • be in a group of at least 2 Members
  • each Member needs 3x Twisted Key

Twisted Key can be dropped from General Yonghan.

Duration: 1 hour

Cooldown: 1 hour

Boss Room

Every 2:30 minutes, 8 special Metin stones spawn. As long as at least 1 Metin stone is standing, no damage can be done to the dragon.

Every Metin Stone has an additional buff that works to Beran-Setaou:

  • Metin of Arrogance is increasing its HP regeneration.
  • Metin of Mountain is increasing its defence.
  • Metin of Solitude is increasing its HP restoration.
  • Metin of Vengeance is increasing its damage.

It is therefore necessary to destroy these Metin Stones quickly to prevent Beran-Setaou from healing its HP.


It's important to note that Beran Setaou's elemental defence can only be broken, if you have at least +120% elemental Power.

Boss Loot

Each Chest can be opened up to 3 times.

Amount Item Description
8x - 10x Beran-Setaou's Chest
1x Soul Stone
1x Young Pet Book
1x Wild Pet Book
1x Valiant Pet Book
1x Pet Book Chest
1x Blue Dragon Egg
1x Researchers Elixir
1-2x Dragon Scales
1-2x Dragon Claw
2x Blood Stone
1x Fear Mask +5
1x Orc Hood +5
1x Cardinal's Hat +5
1x Horned Helmet +5
1x Godsend Helmet +5
1x Euphoria Shoes +4
1x Glory Boots +4
1x Qilin Shoes +4
1x Kingfisher Shoes +4
1x Pocket Watch
1x Chunk of Ice
1x Rainbow Powershard
1x Lucent Yellow Powershard
1x Time Spiral (30%)