Devil's Catacomb

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  • You must have finished the Demon Tower once.
  • You also need a minumum level of 75 up to a maximum level of 90.

You can then talk to Catacomb Guard in Hwang Temple.

From the 3rd floor upwards, all group members need a Shrunken Head in their inventory.

Duration: 1 hour

Cooldown: 30 minutes

First floor

You have to bring Soul Crystal Key, which can be found from the monsters on that floor, to the Kud Statue which is located in the center of the map.

When you do this, all players in your group will be teleported to the 2nd floor.

Second floor

You must find your way to the middle. But Gate of Perdition are blocking your way. You must destroy them to pass.

Once you are in the middle of the map, talk with Tortoise Rock and all players who have a Shrunken Head will be teleported to the third floor.


Third floor

You entered a map with 7 Metin of Retribution spawned across the map. Only one of them is real. Destroy one by one to find the real Metin.

Fourth floor

You have to find Tartaros but he is hiding in one of the corners. When you kill him, he will drop a Grimace Totem.

Bring this item to Basalt Obelisk which is located in the center of the map.

Fifth floor

Defeat Charon.

Sixth floor (Final floor)

On the final floor your main objective is to kill Azrael. But the room is full of monsters who attack you automatically.

Boss Loot

Amount Item Description
1x Azrael's Chest
1x Soulstone
1x Young Pet Book
1x Wild Pet Book
1x Valiant Pet Book
1x Pet Book Chest
1x Mini Azrael Egg
1x Researchers Elixir
1x Magic Stone
5x Segenskugel
1x Lucent Yellow Powershard
1x Rainbow Powershard
100x Enchant Item
10x Cor Draconis (Rough)
5x Fine Cloth
1x Iron Seal