Demon Tower

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The Demon Tower, also referred to as DT, can be entered once you reach level 40.

It can be entered solo or in a group.

Once you enter the 2nd floor you have 1 hour to finish the Dungeon.

Cooldown: -

First floor (ground floor)

When you enter the Demon Tower, your first task is to destroy the Metin of Toughness, which is located on the opposite place to the entrance. When you destroy it, all players on that floor are coming with you.

Second floor

Kill all monsters to proceed.

Third floor

Kill all monsters, including The Demon King, to proceed.

Fourth floor

Destroy the Metin of Devil. Once destroyed, a 15-minute counter will start. 7 Metin of Fall appears and one of them is the correct Metin to proceed to the next floor.

Fifth floor

Eliminate monsters and grab the Key Stone Key Stone and drag it onto Ancient Seal. Each wave approximately drops one Key Stone. Allowed time on this floor is 20 minutes.

Sixth floor

Kill all monsters to proceed. Watch out for the boss Proud Demon King. When the boss is killed, a Demon Tower Blacksmith will appear and players can upgrade their equipment without Upgrade Items cost.

Seventh floor

In order to get to this floor, a player level 75+ must talk to the Blacksmith on floor 6. Only then will all players on that floor move to this floor. Your aim on this floor is to destroy all Metin of Death. Once destroyed, monsters will appear along with Metin of Murder. Once destroyed, it drops an Unknown Old Chest. Open the chest and it either contains nothing or a Zin-Ga-Gui Tower Map. Click on this item to proceed to the next floor.

Eighth floor

Eliminate the monsters and get hold of the Zin-Bong-In Key. They also drop a lot of fake Bong-In Key. Drag the Zin-Bong-In Key onto the Sa-Soe Statue and you will proceed to the last floor.

Final Floor

On the final floor your objective is to eliminate the Death Reaper. Watch out for all the other monsters appearing here.

Once you've killed the boss, you will be teleported to the entrance shortly after.

Boss Loot

Amount Item Description
1x Grim Reaper's Chest
2x Shrunken Head
1x Scroll of Evolution
1x Scroll of Mutation
1x Soulstone
1x Concentrated Reading
1x Researchers Elixir
10x Clam
3x Blessing Marble
2x Lucent Green Powershard
100x Enchant Item
5x Cor Draconis (Rough)
10x Cor Draconis (Rough)
1x Blacksmith Handbook
1x AC-Voucher (10)
1x Flame of the Dragon
1x EXP-Ring (30m) (buff)
5x Fine Cloth
1x Small Orison
1x Time Spiral (20%)