Chief Orc's Box

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Chief Orc's Box
Amount Item Description
1x Protein Snack
1x Sun Elixir (M)
1x Moon Elixir (M)
20x Green Potion (L)
20x Purple Potion (L)
2x Scroll of the Dragon
1x Ring Piece
1x Glove Piece
1x Blood Pill
3x Fine Cloth
1x Book of the Leader
1x Passage Ticket
1x Concentrated Reading
1x Gold Plate Armour +3
1x Killer Wind Suit +3
1x Ghost Mask Armour +3
1x Orange Cat Dress +3
1x Hobgoblin Plate Armour +3
1x Crystal Earrings +3
1x Amethyst Earrings +3
1x Heaven's Tear Earrings +3
1x Nymph Sword +3
1x Lightning Knife +3
1x Divine Apricot Bow +3
1x Exorcism Sword +3
1x Heaven's Tear Earrings +3
1x Salvation Fan +3
1x Electromagnetic Blade +3
1x Dragon Knife +3
1x Yellow Dragon Bow +3
1x Battle Sword +3
1x Partisan +3
1x Heavenly Bird Fan +3
1x Thunder Bird Bell +3
1x Ghost Fang Blade +3
1x Scarab Claw +3
1x 500.000
1x 1.500.000