Alastor (Easy)

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You can enter this run from the Northwind Depths. It's also available in the Dungeon Interface (F6). Your Character needs to be in Yohara and it will cost you 1x Passage Ticket Passage Ticket.

All group members must be champion level 10 or higher and have the repeatable quest Confucius Power completed.

The Dungeon has a Cooldown of 3 hours. Each Partymember requires 3x Frozen Key Frozen Key. You have 30 Minutes to complete the Dungeon.

Sung Mahis Will (Curse)

Sung Mahis Will (Curse)




60 50 60 65


The Partyleader has to go to the White Dragon Egg and interact with it to start the Dungeon.

After 1 minute Ice Circles will appear underneath each Player

  • The Ice Circles that appear remain permanently. Up to 12 Ice Circles can be on the ground permanently. Once a new one appears, the oldest one will vanish.
  • The Ice Circles will stop spawning after 3 minutes.

Note: It is recommended to try and spawn all the Ice Circles in the middle of the Arena, so they don't interrupt you once you start dealing damage to Alastor.

Over the duration of the fight Monsters will spawn in the middle and immediately attack the Player.

Upon defeating him you have 20 seconds to collect the loot before getting teleported out.

Boss Loot

Amount Item Description
16x - 20x Wh. Dragon Chest (Light)
1x Epic Chaos Stone (Aura)
1x Aura Fire Rune (100)
1x Aura Fire Rune (250)
1x Holy Powershard
1x Majestic Helmet Shard II
1x Majestic Armour Shard II
1x Majestic Weapon Shard II